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Recruitment to the Quality Standard Advisory Committee for school based interventions


The Quality Standards Advisory Committee (QSAC) are looking for experts on school based interventions to join their committee  to develop a quality standard on school based interventions. They need people with a professional or practitioner background in the topic in the following roles:

  • Education specialists
  • School nurse
  • Health promotion specialist
  • A public health specialist with an interest in educational wellbeing
  • Social worker
The deadline for applications is Tuesday 1st May 2018 at 17.00.
What are NICE quality standards?
NICE quality standards are a concise set of prioritised statements designed to drive measurable quality improvements within a particular area of health or care.
NICE quality standards are derived from high quality guidance such as that from NICE or other sources accredited by NICE. Quality standards are developed independently by NICE, in collaboration with healthcare professionals and public health and social care practitioners, their partners and service users. Information on priority areas, people's experience of using services, safety issues, equality and cost impact are also considered during the development process.
NICE quality standards enable:
  • Health professionals and public health and social care practitioners to make decisions about care based on the latest evidence and best practice.
  • People receiving health and social care services, their families and carers and the public to find information about the quality of services and care they should expect from their health and social care provider.
  • Service providers to quickly and easily examine the performance of their organisation and assess improvement in standards of care they provide.
  • Commissioners to be confident that the services they are purchasing are high quality and cost effective and focused on driving up quality.
If you have any queries please contact QualityStandards@nice.org.uk.