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Your spotlight on local services

Redbridge Council decides that the Community Meals Service will come to an end


Following a review of the Community Meals Service and alternative, Redbridge Council has decided that the service will no longer be available from Monday 31 July.

If you have used this service then we want to hear from you. E-mail your thoughts to thomas@healthwatchredbridge.co.uk

Here is what Redbridge Council has said on the matter

'We reviewed the service earlier this year as the cost of the service was increasing and the number of people who use the service has been declining. We needed to look at why this was and what we could do. As part of the review, we surveyed people who use the service and met with charities and other organisations to understand better what services they provide in the Borough. We also consulted staff to explore how best to meet  the needs of older people in Redbridge.

We looked at many different ways to continue the service but the decision was taken that we would no longer be able to afford to provide the community meals service. This decision was agreed by Redbridge Council’s Cabinet in January. 

We will continue to work closely with those who are receiving Community Meals to make sure that they are able to access other suitable services and support. We know that this may be an unsettling time and we will be providing as much support as we can to make the transition to alternative options as smooth as possible.

Everyone who is currently in receipt of the service will be receiving a wellbeing assessment to determine what needs they have and how best they can be met. Those able to source their own meals will be given a list of available options.

Where the assessment identifies that the needs of the person using the service have increased or changed, arrangements will be made to ensure that support is in place to provide the help they need to source, prepare and eat a meal ensuring their nutritional needs are met on a daily basis. This may require a package of care to be put in place.

Please find attached the leaflet “Support with meals in Redbridge” which we have given to everyone who uses the service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email mylife@redbridge.gov.uk. '

Attached is the leaflet.