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Your spotlight on local services

One Place East

One Place East provides advocacy support to people with learning disabilities in the role of quality checkers to see how easy it is for them to use social care service hubs.
They did this by making telephone calls to the 4 Community Health and Social Care Teams, visiting the 4 Community Health and Social Care Teams and looking at Redbridge Social Care Services Website. 

On their calls and visits the quality checkers recommended that:-

It should be made clear that Community Health and Social Care Teams are for ‘Appointments only’. 
Support should be available for people who need help in using the computer. 
There should be training for telephone and reception staff on learning disability awareness and customer services as well as knowledge of what services and information are available.

Both websites should be more accessible. 

There should be better communication between the
Community Health and Social Care Teams, Lynton House and the local libraries so everyone knows who provides which support. 
Accessible information on all services should be available in local areas such as GPs and libraries.
Information on how libraries can support people needs to be available in the library reception.