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Your spotlight on local services

Volunteer Roles

Due to Covid restrictions our staff and volunteers are currently working from home, so some volunteering roles have been adapted and some put on hold until the lockdown lifts.  

To find out more about volunteer roles click here


Ways that volunteers help us

Here are just some of the ways our Volunteers help Healthwatch Redbridge with the work we do.

Administration Support Volunteer

Working in the Healthwatch Redbridge offices the role of the Administration Support volunteer is to complete any administrative duties (mail outs, inputting data, analysing data, updating documents etc.)

Board Member

The Healthwatch Redbridge Board meet monthly to discuss projects, finances and any issues regarding the charity. They make the final decisions and represent Healthwatch Redbridge across the borough at a plethora of meetings. To read more about our Board members click here.

Community Outreach Volunteer

The Community Outreach Volunteer will go to places such as libraries, hospitals and health fairs in Redbridge. This is to promote Healthwatch Redbridge and to gather the experiences of the public about NHS services in the borough.

Enter and View Volunteer

Part of the local Healthwatch programme is to carry out Enter & View visits. Enter & View visits are conducted by a small team of trained volunteers, to conduct visits to health and social care premises.The volunteers will enter the  premises and ask patients/staff questions about their experiences of using a certain NHS service. For more information about Enter & View, click here. See how you can become an Enter and View Representative here

Representative of Healthwatch Redbridge

The role of the Representative of Healthwatch Redbridge volunteer is to attend events and speak on the behalf of the charity. They will update the public and NHS staff around Healthwatch matters and the work that we are currently doing.

Research Volunteer

The role of the Research volunteer is to ensure Healthwatch Redbridge has the most up-to-date information on changes to services. The also check to see that Healthwatch Redbridge is not replicating any work that another organisation is doing. The volunteer also researches information on any projects that Healthwatch wishes to carry out.